How to overcome shyness?😐

First & foremost, I want to share to you that I am one of the Introvert people in this world.  Introvert personality as described by Carl Jung in Psychological field, meaning shy, or the total opposite of being loud or extrovert. In social situations, we feel drained after a time period and need to go off alone to refuel/recharge.

Are we on the same page? Then continue reading!🙂

I was really shy back when I was younger to the point that I don’t want to talk or socialize with other people.I always have a trembling and shaking voice whenever I speak in public. I have friends but only a few understand me so well. I only talk if I’m asked to.

Back In school, you really don’t have a choice right? but to speak in front of the class because of that obliged oral recitation .. it’s really awkward and anxious plus that cold hands & shaking feels. (you know what I mean)

Fast forward… I want you to know that you are not alone.. I am one of those who suffer from being too shy & quiet plus! I am frequently judged by being so passive & strict (strikta daw in person) 😂 but that’s not true!! I wish I have realized this sooner so I can achieve more things back when I was younger. Lols It’s not too late to change anyway.

I am also still on the process of overcoming all my fears in life..& for me there’s nothing wrong with that…that’s totallly fineeee… and normal.. Cause that’s part of growing up. So basically I came up with 5 little ideas to overcome this bothersome “shyness”✨

The first thing we need to do.. is to acccept ourselves. 

1. Acceptance is the key. We need to accept our shyness ..& let’s identify the reason behind.


2. Self awareness


Whyy? What is the triggering factor? Is it innate or natural? or maybe because of the environment on how we are raised up by our parents? As I observed maybe it’s because of..

Judgments? the bullying? 

low self esteem? like asking yourself if “Am I enough”? or Do I fit to society’s standards?

So Identifyyyy.. 

Like me.. I honestly have a lot of insecurities. Cause nowadays, we tend to be perfectionist as we look up to these almost perfect celebrity’s life in social media.Sadly, it’s happening & the younger ones are following it too.

Anyways for me,as I have grown mature.. I’ve been slowly embracing all my flaws. Even today, I am trying to be positive all the time & accept what I have as a person.

3. Be comfortable


Sorround yourself with people that supports you and people that talks positivity.

Your strengths, talents and all.

4. Communicate


Learn to talk (kindly & precisely)😅. First, to people that you love, your own Family!!! your friend or those people you really trust. It has a really great impact.. eventually you will learn…

slowly … you can finally share your thoughts.. your whole self to other people..💓

5. Break free!!!


Express yourself on whatever is in your head. Have freedom by just being comfortable in your own skin. Then try and try .. until you discover more about yourself and  develop self confidence..then find ways or hobbies that will enhance your communication skills.

Lastly,you need to understand that not everyone will really like you👍🏻; most specially when you start opening yourself to other people. You will learn that Bashers or haters are normal in life. So what to do?

DO NOT MIND THEM. Just be happy and focus on yourself and most importantly,PRAY (para malayo sa mga dautang espiritu 👻) haha

That’s it! I hope you learn a lot. Thank you for reading. Good night,🤓 Lovelots✨


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