Korean Skin Care Brand: Nature Republic is finally here in Davao🍃


As I was strolling in the mall last day, I was surprised ’cause NATURE REPUBLIC, the popular Korean skin care brand is finally open in Abreeza Mall,Davao!Yay!🍃


One of the most hyped skin care product this year is Aloe Vera Gel and Nature Republic’s product is one of the brands that are trusted by many. 


I swear aloe vera gel do minimize breakouts. It is TRUE! Since I don’t have aloe vera plant at home, it’s convenient for me to buy in commercial packaging. Prior, I have tried some aloe vera products, it was ok but this brand is way NOT TOO STICKYY. It absorbs more quickly.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 

92% organic aloe vera gel 

Certified Organic Farmers in California (CCOF)

No harmful ingredients

-Free from paraben, mineral oil, and artificial colors

-Naturally soothing, moisturizing, and healing product

-Affordable (295 srp in Tube)

Most importantly, FDA approved!👌🏻

Question: What type of packaging do I prefer using? TUB/JAR or Tube?


As a nurse, I am fully concerned with cleanliness & hygiene in my skin care. Plus, you don’t want to have those zits right? So if you are lazy to use spatula at home, it’s better to buy the Tube type. Just squeeze the right amount then apply on the skin. Though the product itself has antibacterial properties, it’s still prone to contamination and lesser shelf life. So girls better be safe (right?) than having lesser skin care benefits. 

For me, it’s best when you apply it daily every night before you sleep. Drink lots of water. For sure, you will see results.

Voila!smoother & clearer skin🙂


Buy 1 Get 1 Free in Hand Creams for 345 php only. Try the fragrant,Acacia scent. Humot!🌼


I bought the aloe vera gel & hand creams with Freeeebies (2 Aloe Vera Emulsion)




Location: Abreeza Mall, Davao. 2nd Flr adjacent to BAMBU (grendha slippers/sandals stall) near Robinsons Department Store Entrance


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