Why I quit my Nursing Career?

Hi to you!

It is 12 am now and my tooth is still aching. I am thinking of writing a blog about what happened to me and the reasons why I love & hate about being a NURSE

–in behalf of the THOUSAND nurses who were caught in the NURSING BOOM, those who are still trying to take a shot for their dream workplaces and still on the IELTS/USRN EXAM processing, to realizing their dreams abroad and to those who did not pursue this profession,.. I got you! I feel you!💖


Yes, I am nurse. I am a RN (Registered Nurse), CNN (Certified Nephrology Nurse), HAAD-RN (Health Authority – Abu Dhabi Registered Nurse).

Sounds geeky right? Yes. That’s how tough my academic growth was. I took different trainings and exams beforehand…That I thought I could easily  land a job with a “worthy salary” but in reality,  it is STILL,still not enough.

I finished my degree in the year 2012 then passed the board exam.

Being a fresh graduate, I tell you it is so DIFFICULT to find a job. I actually had to volunteer in a local hospital for months and that’s for free. I was only paid after 4 or 5 months in a minimum grade. Well,I can only laugh about that right now. So my 1st experience was a little of a charity work. (For the love of my country & my fellowmen Haha!)

I also had a bad experience like I was harassed (just a minor incident) inside the hospital but after that day, I resigned. Bad people are everywhere, even Drs. (Shh h) So new Rns, be aware, be cautious. Protect yourself. But not in general of course, there are still few good people.

Fast forward, I was trained and passed the exam of being a CNN. I volunteered again in a local dialysis clinic and after 3 months, I became a regular employee. Take note,it’s been 2 yrs since I graduated so it took me 2 yrs or more to have a decent job with a salary. How fancy was that? 😀 It’s really impractical I know but it’s necessary, not to mention that you need to update your trainings and seminars as well as paying requirement fees from your own pocket. Tsk. But well..


In that year, I loved my work, the machines,honing my techniques of inserting needles (of course that’s my favourite). My focus was to improve myself everyday with my work.

I loved the challenge. I loved how there was so much to learn, so many things happening. I’m in the middle of where the action is. For a few months, I thrived in it.


Until everything became a “routine”, the workplace became toxic, and I hit my quarter-life crisis.Working in an environment wherein you meet different people could be hard sometimes. Cause you are dealing with different personalities within the area, from your co-workers, patients, the Drs, and even the people around or the watchers. I am not saying negatively cause it is true, I also became very close to some of my co- workers, who were also as cool as me. Jk. And I also became close to some of my patients that sometimes, I got disturbed when they are emotionally unstable. Disturb in a way that I feel bad about their health situation specially to younger patients.


After my contract in the clinic, I got the chance to work abroad in a Homecare Facility in Abu Dhabi. That move totally changed me as a person. I became more practical and independent. Just in case, you wanna knoww… My parents didn’t supported me at all, it was just my own decision to take the leap. Cause even before, I wanted to stand alone, I wanted to be more independent and discover more about myself. So there,I got to taste how it’s like to be an OFW. Plus I was pursuaded by my friend who was already there. So scammmed haha!Jk


To cut the long short,my career experience in the desert land was 10x tougher compared back  home. To that date, I remember I had a patient with cerebral palsy and I needed to lift him from the stretcher/bed down to the stairs then straight to the ambulance. I felt like I am Superwoman but crying inside. Also had a patient with Alzheimers’ who constantly crawls from her bed to the CR and do unpleasant things and scared me whenever she shouts. Those were just example of the difficult patients I had encountered. And situations you don’t wanna do but you NEED to do.


The work schedule was totally different there, I got to work 12 hrs in diff. shifts everyday. So as expected,I got sick most of the days (physically, emotionally, mentally). The question is, IS IT WORTHY? My answer is no. I wrote a letter to my boss with my medical check up results attached. He negotiated me but my final answer was to go home. Cause honestly I came to a point that I am not happy anymore and I don’t want my health to be compromised. (My health status was so poooor. No more silver lining. Haha!)

“I remember dragging myself to work everyday.

I remember crying while ironing my scrubs to prep for work.

I remember watching above the stars wishing an airplane would land and get me there.

I would always question myself why am I still here?” Until the day I resigned and that was a relief to me. Cause after all, I survived.

A book by Joyce Meyer also helped me contemplate with that decision. The book entitled “THE SECRET TO TRUE HAPPINESS”. I also read the bible almost everyday. And no joke, these helped me enlightened to the direction I have right now.


My experience wasn’t that bad at all, in fact it became a stage wherein I pushed my self to the limit. In that place, I met people, with the same dreams as mine, those friends who helped me and became my family in that other side of the planet. And oh, some went home already & some are still working there. (For the love of Dirhams and for the love of their family’s future, and personal goals)




Being a nurse is really sacrificial and challenging. You need to be smart, skillful, resourceful, BEAUTIFUL, all ful hahaha! and you also need to be caring. It also taught me to be humble and be strong at times you are physically weak. Like a whole package of using your head & your heart. You cannot be a  nurse if you are not selfless and does not want to serve other people, you really need to be tough with a heart.

Lastly, in these life experiences, it made me closer to God. I learned to read the bible, state the rosary,became prayerful and inspired. Miracles really do happen,if you pray. 🙂

Ps. I salute all the RNs in the world! You are heroes. And I wish you the best of everything especially to the path you truly desire. Good luck & God bless!

Your Angel in the Sick Room,




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My most fulfilled Year (yet): 2018 💖

Lol! This is a long overdue blog. This should have been posted in the last wk of my december but busy days got me stucked. Well, I am so happy that I survived last year. I am alive today. haha!

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2018 was such a great year for me.

Full of experiences in travelling, a little lie-low in paper works and more of the goals I needed to fulfill for other people. 2018 was a year not just about “my self ” or for my self only cause the reasons are.. Maybe it’s better if I run down with pics from my Instagram so I have evidences lol. So keep scrolling down.😉


I started my year, last year with Positivity in my head, ofcourse! 🙂and a trip to Eden then some gatherings with my old friends. I look so radiant below haha




Huhu!! How can I forget! this was my first solo travel in the year 2018 and also my first concert alone for Jadine! How fun was that? hahahah! It didn’t bothered me at all. Cause I love Jadine so much since the airing of On the Wings of Love. #Jadinefanatic💖



I also went to Dessert Museum alone hahahah! And strolled then shop at BGC, charot! I feel like a loner tita but WTEVR I still enjoyed my own company😹 special thanks to my go pro & the strangers who took my photos haha


We also celebrated Budikdik’s Bday at Northcrest and also Nanay’s bday at Seda.




Also celebrated with Paul, just a lunch date for our Anniversay at Marco Polo Davao. (Feb 14,2018) With bouquet pa ang tita mo dva? haha



As promised, I gave Nanay’s bday gift .. just a trip to Cebu. Supposed to be it’s with Tatay but unfortunately He got a minor accident just a week before the flight so..just the 2 of us ang peg haha. Life happens. 🤟🏻 Prayyy & prayy, as always.







and then I also managed the construction of my Nanay’s House. All in all. Like as in. 😰😥 (sakit sa ulo) but..Thank God for the strength. Thank God my bf is an engineer, he also helped me in the structural part & me in the Interior & budgetting. All for Nanay. Always. Hahahah🤑


It’s been 10 years since HS. Lakas maka tita! Hahahahah

Ganap: HS reunion✨DOST/Special Science class 1st Grand Reunion. My hs was all about paintings/ drawings/ VAG (Visual Artists Guild) and flings with txt2 in my 3310 cp hahahaha



My American Boys were back. Just accompanied them around the city. The main reason they were here was for Lolo. Cause Lolo was a little sick for months and have been admitted lately that time,to and fro.


July– August

What? Work. Save. 😹Errraaands.


Taiwan & Hongkong Trip with Friends!!💖 This trip made me wander & seek for more adventures in the future! but first Saveeee muna🤑




This was a jam-packed month full of weddings & events. Also my 27th bday as well as Paul’s. Yes, officially Tita. But I don’t look old at all. Not yet.Not in my bloodline cause we are vampires. Kidding😹

My cousin & my best friend (all beauties no?) got hitched this month. Honestly, it is so surreal I can only remember the last time we had fun with each other like grabeee time flies, we are reallly adult now. Time to level up. But well, I am so happy for them,I love them both💖




The month of revelation hahaha! The time I got the chance to reveal my inner bitch. Joke.

We went to the beach at last! 😹 At least I got to  taste summer at the end of my year. That’s how busy your tita can get. But G! You’re still amazing, you gave me confidence and nah! I don’t mind now, I am already 27 & not pabebe anymore🙈 Jk



Also,we celebrated Lola’s 80th at Christmas Mansion.✨

You know why I became such a family centered person? That’s because of my Lola!! Though we argue with ideas at times, but still I respect and adore her.





Family Time. Cause family is forever.

This yr made me realize that I could be doing way more for other people. The more you give, and make way, you receive so much blessings unexpectedly. In the next yr, I want to be more of a giving person. 2019!! yes!

Be more open, outgoing & friendly. Since I am an introvert, I want to make small efforts in welcoming others. And change the way I control my facial expression and being quiet

( cause I’m used to being judged by that)

In 2019, though I have little plans for myself. I want to be PATIENT & just let things fall into place. Take time and not rush into something or someone. Life happens as it is supposed to.

Just Let God. Read the bible & be still🙂


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First Korean Bakeshop in Tagum City!🥐

Annyeong Haseyo!!🤗


Good news to all Korean fans out there like me!The first ever Korean Pastry Shop is already here in TAGUM CITY.




This is actually my first time to visit here. Aside from being a huge fan of Korean dishes, and eating in Korean Restaurants, Korean pastries are a must try!!


offers different kinds of hand crafted breads & cakes 

-owned by a korean baker 

-freshly baked breads & cakes in all sizes and shapes

-healthy & wide selections of breads



I tried some of their breads, and it is so tasty, soft & a little bit sweet! Try the custard bread!! It’s delicious! I honestly bought some for take home.🐽  They also have Vegetable Pandesal, interesting right?


This is the Liar bread! Haha It’s truly liar cause it’s so big in the outside but it’s actually thin. It’s crunchy & sweet btw. Nice to try! Best to pair with coffee.

C13C49B5-2E4F-4D64-A123-5022BB81FD10.jpegThe owner is so friendly. We got so full because we have tried a lot of their breads for free. Free taste ftw!🙌🏻


The place is also nice to hang out. Bring friends & have a bit of catching up here. They also offer drinks & milkshakes. Check them out!🍹

Opens: 7am-2am

Location: Palm City Food Park, Lapu-Lapu St.Tagum City.







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Korean Skin Care Brand: Nature Republic is finally here in Davao🍃


As I was strolling in the mall last day, I was surprised ’cause NATURE REPUBLIC, the popular Korean skin care brand is finally open in Abreeza Mall,Davao!Yay!🍃


One of the most hyped skin care product this year is Aloe Vera Gel and Nature Republic’s product is one of the brands that are trusted by many. 


I swear aloe vera gel do minimize breakouts. It is TRUE! Since I don’t have aloe vera plant at home, it’s convenient for me to buy in commercial packaging. Prior, I have tried some aloe vera products, it was ok but this brand is way NOT TOO STICKYY. It absorbs more quickly.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 

92% organic aloe vera gel 

Certified Organic Farmers in California (CCOF)

No harmful ingredients

-Free from paraben, mineral oil, and artificial colors

-Naturally soothing, moisturizing, and healing product

-Affordable (295 srp in Tube)

Most importantly, FDA approved!👌🏻

Question: What type of packaging do I prefer using? TUB/JAR or Tube?


As a nurse, I am fully concerned with cleanliness & hygiene in my skin care. Plus, you don’t want to have those zits right? So if you are lazy to use spatula at home, it’s better to buy the Tube type. Just squeeze the right amount then apply on the skin. Though the product itself has antibacterial properties, it’s still prone to contamination and lesser shelf life. So girls better be safe (right?) than having lesser skin care benefits. 

For me, it’s best when you apply it daily every night before you sleep. Drink lots of water. For sure, you will see results.

Voila!smoother & clearer skin🙂


Buy 1 Get 1 Free in Hand Creams for 345 php only. Try the fragrant,Acacia scent. Humot!🌼


I bought the aloe vera gel & hand creams with Freeeebies (2 Aloe Vera Emulsion)




Location: Abreeza Mall, Davao. 2nd Flr adjacent to BAMBU (grendha slippers/sandals stall) near Robinsons Department Store Entrance


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